The diversity of martial arts styles in Singapore and beyond has reached unprecedented levels, providing abundant choices for anyone seeking to enhance their physical well-being through martial arts training. 

Among the most popular martial arts in Singapore today include Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Bulgarian bag training, and No-Gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu (No-Gi BJJ). Each of these martial arts caters to a distinct audience and has specific physical benefits. Thus, those interested in taking up one of these martial arts should carefully evaluate the advantages of each before making a decision.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

In recent times, interest in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) classes in Singapore has surged tremendously. A recent report revealed that some martial arts academies in Singapore have seen membership increases of up to 40%. Evidently, there is a demand for BJJ classes and BJJ schools in Singapore are therefore thriving.

BJJ dates back to 1925 when it was developed by five Brazilian brothers. Carlos, the eldest of the five Gracie brothers, had been learning a hybrid of Kodokan judo and traditional Japanese jujitsu for the prior eight years. The brothers would go on to use this knowledge and experience to develop a martial art of their own – one which would later evolve into modern-day BJJ.

Some crucial considerations to keep in mind when practising BJJ are technique, leverage, and timing. These elements of BJJ were brought to the forefront by Carlos’ brother, Hélio. Lacking Carlos’ sheer physical strength, Hélio modified the skills he learned from Carlos to better suit his own body and thus laid the foundation for what BJJ is today. As such, BJJ became a martial art style suitable for people of various fitness levels and body types.

Image of Bulgarian bag training

Bulgarian Bag Training

Bulgarian bag training was introduced in 2005 by former Olympic wrestler Ivan Ivanov. The first Bulgarian bag was launched under the Suples Company, known for producing training apparatuses. Ivanov conceived the idea of the Bulgarian bag after understanding that conventional gym equipment did not have the adequate level of functionality and practicality for the development of core rotational strength.

In addition to increasing one’s core rotational strength, another benefit of Bulgarian bag training is the simultaneous engagement of multiple muscle groups through specific motions. The use of a Bulgarian bag also helps one increase flexibility and muscular endurance. It is commonly used as a training tool for the purposes of muscle activation, muscle-targeting activities, and physical rehabilitation. Most people who are drawn to Bulgarian bag training in Singapore and elsewhere are those seeking to get in shape while learning a new skill.

Image of no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu

No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (No-Gi BJJ)

No-Gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu (No-Gi BJJ), a grappling-based martial art, has also been gaining traction in Singapore. No-Gi BJJ primarily differs from conventional BJJ in its main techniques used. Many techniques in No-Gi BJJ utilise grappling moves similar to those used in mixed martial arts (MMA). Therefore, many MMA fighters also take up No-Gi BJJ, as acquiring skills in this discipline boosts their proficiency in MMA.

The range of permissible grips in No-Gi BJJ is much narrower than that found in conventional BJJ. This increases the pace of No-Gi BJJ, making sheer athleticism just as important as technical skill. Furthermore, heightened athleticism makes it easier for one to control an opponent’s movements – a key facet of success in No-Gi BJJ. This control is especially important since No-Gi BJJ permits the execution of techniques such as heel hooks, reaping, and various leg lock types.

Whether it’s BJJ, Bulgarian bag training, or No-Gi BJJ, regular practice will make you fitter, stronger, and more skilful before too long. If you’re interested, give The Gentle Art Academy’s classes a try. We’re a studio offering some of Singapore’s finest BJJ classes and training, helping our students win countless awards.

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