IS BJJ Safe?
Yes BJJ is an extremely safe sport when practiced correctly with good instruction. At The Gentle Art we emphasise using technique and intelligence over strength. Also the application of submissions are done in a supervised environment ensuring that injuries are minimal to nil.
At The Gentle Art we accept students from 4 to 60. It’s never too early or too late to start BJJ. The skills that your kids learn will emphasise discipline, coordination and confidence, as an adult you will develop improved fitness, situational awareness and learn the world’s most effective martial art.   Click here to book for your one-on-one trial today!

The Gentle Art Academy has one of the largest children’s programs in Singapore split across 4-6, 7-9 and 10-16. We have specific goals for children at each age group and emphasise coordination and play in the little ones and confidence and self-defence with the older kids.


We have a deep passion to ensure that children in our program get the highest level of supervision and develop world class martial art skills in a fun and safe environment.


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BJJ is practiced in a Gi (or Kimono), similar to what you see Judo practitioners use. We have Gis for rent and for sale at The Gentle Art

Yes! We offer free one on one trials with our highly experienced instructors so that you can experience BJJ in a safe and fun manner.


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Yes! We have classes available for the complete beginner under our Fast Start program. This offers the beginner personalized one on one classes to learn the basics of BJJ to gain confidence in doing the warm ups, learning basic techniques and understanding the etiquette of BJJ before joining a group class.


We also have private classes available for students wishing to have our championship winning instructors analyse and up their game