Hear what the students (and parents) say about us!

I like that BJJ techniques are effective and can be used to subdue an aggressor without necessarily causing him/her serious injuries. One obvious benefit from BJJ is the improvement of fitness level. I believe I will have greater confidence in dealing with a bully should I encounter one too.

Coach Brendan is my favourite instructor because he comes across as being very passionate about BJJ and instructing the kids.

Tan Yu Jay
Orange-Black (12 YO)

What we liked about The Gentle Art was that the curriculum focused on character building, problem solving, and self-defense. We also observed that the classes were conducted in a fun, supportive, and iterative manner. Gabby has a matured as a person, specifically in being a better teammate and being more responsible.

Audra Low, mother of Gabriella “Gabby” Chua

The best part about The Gentle Art is the welcoming and family-friendly community. This is evident in the variety of classes offered,  the warmth of the coaches, and quality of the members they attract. The kids program is top-notch, the coaches are very patient and able to explain the techniques in a way that kids can understand.

Gavin, Susan & the McGinney Boys

Apart from progressing technically in BJJ, through competitions and training, my boys developed very good focus, resilience, discipline and determination. The coaches have been amazing, constantly listening to my concerns and expectations and working with me closely in the best interests of my boys not just in BJJ, but in other aspects of life too.

The Noorishams