On the morning of Saturday, the 15th of April, we (TGA) held our internal competition for more than 50 kids that train at our academy. This event was organized months in advance, and all essential preparations were done prior to D-day. Our very own members Matt, Tony, Mike, Pierre, Coach Miguel, Coach Kris, Professor Arthur, and Professor Brendan served as the event’s referees and organizers.

Jiu-Jitsu competitors typically experience high levels of stress when competing. Uncertainty about whether months of preparation and effort will pay off with a medal or leave us disappointed greatly impacts us. However, by setting up an internal tournament, the children at our gym can get an authentic taste of competing against their own friends. This significantly lowers their level of anxiety and makes the atmosphere more enjoyable for them.

Prior to the competition, the kids participated in intensive training programs that ensured they were prepared and at their best. To provide the children with the most authentic competition experiences possible, we also taught them the guidelines for awarding points in standard events.

It was incredible to see the bravery and skillsets of our youngest participants as we kicked off the day’s competitions.

As we moved up the groups and saw the older kids compete, we were in awe at the moves and techniques our kids were able to do. The cheers of everyone, parents, coaches, and supporters filled the academy.

Parents cornered their kids, shouting, and guiding them, showing their utmost support during the competition.

The bright smiles on the faces of the kids who achieved medals were such picture-perfect moments. The champions also truly showed how being the biggest doesn’t necessarily mean winning.

Overall, the kids gave their best and competed with their hearts. They put on a show and are truly an inspiration to what our gym hopes to achieve. We are extremely proud of every kid that competed and will look forward to giving our kids these opportunities again in the future.

Winners of the Competition:

Group 1

Hadid – Gold

Eli – Silver

Aleks – Bronze

Group 2

Kyra – Gold

Andre -Silver

Sham – Bronze

Josh Tan – Bronze

Group 3

Gauthier Druard – Gold

Emmet Lee – Silver

Hao YI – Bronze

Noah Turner – Bronze

Group 4

Conrad – Gold

Nicolas – Silver

Isar – Bronze

Maxim Galkin – Bronze

Group 5

Dylan Foong – Gold

Mun Hoi Fong – Silver

Erwin Tang – Bronze

Group 6

Aiden McGinney – Gold

Charlotte Fong – Silver

Farid Marican  – Bronze

Asher Lin – Bronze

Group 7

Arthur Granfelt – Gold

Elias Chua – Silver

Isaiah Chua – Bronze

Cooper Britten – Bronze

Group 8

Leo Crotchet – Gold

Klim Kuznetsov – Silver

Ethan Pang – Bronze

Micah Choo – Bronze

Group 9

Akira Zulkanan – Gold

Aqil Mahatir – Silver

Isabelle Goh – Bronze

Annelie Tan – Bronze

Group 10

Gabeiella Chua – Gold

Nathaniel McGinney – Silver

Ruhen Almeida – Bronze

Xerxes Kansara – Bronze

Group 11

Henry Mcginney  – Gold

Andrew Dawson – Silver

Felix Bambrick – Bronze

Noah Lee – Bronze